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One of our goals as an organization is to support for education to students in needy. Education support started in the year 2015.

As a part of our school project, we are determined to help needy students with school fees, expenses for books etc.

Once a needy student is identified, we at Sugati follow a process.

  • 1. Student should fill the application form and attach their latest progress report/ marks sheet.
  • 2. An assessment will be conducted by a Sugati volunteer.
  • 3. Funding will be provided based on the assessment.

As of December 2016, Sugati helped 5 students with fees, books and 5 more students are in assessment mode.

You can propose a student. Once you feel that a student requires support, please spend some time with him and his family to understand their financial and social status. Please send an email with details to