About Sugati

In October 2014, A cyclone named "Hudhud" hit Visakhapatnam which is classified as a very severe cyclone with a wind speed of 175-200 KM per hour. Hudhud has caused extensive damage to Visakhapatnam and lot of surrounding districts. Hudhud not only damaged infrastructure in Visakhapatnam but also left many homeless. Many people connected with Visakhapatnam have come forward to support rebuilding & support the people suffered.

A group settled in and outside of Visakhapatnam also moved with the divesting situation caused by Hudhud and came forward to do their best in relief activities in city of destiny. The happiness in helping and being along with others in needy, gives an immense satisfaction. This thought made us move forward towards "SUGATI". The only aim of Sugati is service. Service to the needy. We believe in togetherness where we can involve every available resource in service.

Sugati means happiness, bliss, wellness or fortune. We as a trust would like to bring happiness and wellness. We can say Sugati means 'having a good or auspicious position'.

  • Contribute towards Education
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Build awareness in cleanliness
  • Inspire, Encourage, Energize everyone the trust can reach especially Children.
  • Identifying the schools that require support to get children to school.
  • Identifying the children who do not have any on basic education.◦Providing required support so that they can go to school.
  • Identifying and supporting schools that lack basic facilities.
  • Work closely with other organizations to reach needy children and provide education.
  • Conduct medical and health awareness camps.
  • Orphanages - supporting◦Make them self-sufficient.
  • Old age homes - supporting◦Make them self-sufficient.
  • Reach out to remote villages and support them to build basic necessities.